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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are enacting a policy to accommodate "Social Distancing" in an effort to slow the Virus spread in our community and the Salamanca BPU would like you to be aware of changes at the City of Salamanca Municipal Building.

At the direction of Mayor Smith - As of June 2, 2020 until further notice:

bullet Customers can enter the building at specific doors with a Face Mask and a Temperature screen, door instructions posted on the Building.
bullet We still encourage payments by Mail, Drop-Box anytime, or online e-Check/Credit/Debit Card payment through Xpress-pay ( *Fees Apply ).
bullet Effective September 1, 2020 the Salamanca BPU will enact a new Returned Check Fee of $50.00.
bullet Service Disconnects will be suspended and late penalties are currently being waived pending Governor Cuomos order to resume.

We wish our customers well during this trying situation and we ask for your patience and understanding until things return to normal.

*The Xpress-pay Fee for an e-Check is $2.50 regardless of amount paid whereas the Fee for a Card payment is 3% of the paid amount. We have no control over Xpress-pay processing Fees.  The BPU encourages you when you can to process Xpress-pay payments on your own device if at all possible to avoid telephone congestion.

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For consumer Electric Bill complaints that cannot be resolved with the City of Salamanca BPU, you may contact the New York Department of Public Service (DPS). 

DPS complaints may be directed as follows:  Website: www.dps.ny.gov/complaints;  Phone: DPS HOTLINE at 1-800-342-3355 (M-Th 7:30am-7:30pm, F 7:30am- 7:00pm); or Mail:  Office of Consumer Services, NYS Department of Public Service, 3 Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223

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Welcome to the Salamanca Board of Public Utilities Web Site.  We are the provider of Electric, Potable Water, and Sanitary Services to residents of the City of Salamanca and portions of the Townships of Salamanca and Great Valley.

The Salamanca BPU is a publicly owned Utility System, with no stockholders (which results in very attractive rates).  Our utility system has operated efficiently for nearly ninety years, providing reliable utility services to all our customers.


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Salamanca Board of Public Utilities Residential Electric Bill

There are two charges that combined equal the total electric charges on the monthly utility invoices.  Each electric services usage is billed based on kilowatt-hour kWh consumption.  The first charge listed on monthly invoices is the ELECTRIC charge.  The second charge is listed on the utility invoice as PPA (Purchased Power Adjustment).  Electric rates charged by the BPU to our customers are approved and regulated by the New York State Public Service Commission.  The last electric rate increase was in 2004.

ELECTRIC Charge: Each and every residential electric customer is charged a Service Charge of $2.08 per month regardless of the amount of kWh used on a monthly basis.  In addition, each residential electric customer is charged a set amount for each kWh of electricity used.  For residential electric customers the BPU currently charges $0.0249 (2.49 cents) per kWh of electricity used in any given month.  As an example, the ELECTRIC charge for a residential customer using 490 kWh of electric in a month would be as follows:  Service Charge of $2.08 plus kWh charge ($0.0249 x 490kWh) of $12.20.  The total ELECTRIC Charge for 490kWh of electric would be $14.28.  This portion of your electric bill is used to pay for the Board of Public Utilities cost of operation.  This charge pays to purchase wire, transformers, poles, vehicle purchases, fuel etc.  The ELECTRIC charge also pays for all employee costs.

PPA Charge: The Purchase Power Adjustment charge fluctuates monthly.  The PPA charge is the total dollar cost to purchase electricity for all Board of Public Utilities customers divided by the total kWhs purchased by the Board of Public Utilities.  The PPA charges include the cost to both purchase and transmit electric to the BPUs electric system.  Each electric customer pays a PPA charge every month.  PPA charges have been on all electric utility bills since December of 1979.

Where does the BPU purchase your electric from: The electric we provide to our customers is purchased from two separate sources.  The New York Power Authority NYPA provides a monthly allotment of hydroelectric power.   The electric provided by NYPA is primarily generated at the Niagara Power Project near Niagara Falls.  The electric purchased from NYPA is extremely low cost compared to other sources of electric.  For more information regarding NYPA visit their web site at www.nypa.gov.  Once the BPU exceeds our monthly allotment of electric from NYPA we have to purchase the remainder of our electric needs from the New York Municipal Power Agency NYMPANYMPA supplies all our  electric needs not supplied by NYPA.  NYMPA purchases power generated from coal, gas, and other more expensive generation sources.  For more information regarding NYMPA visit their web site at www.nympa.org.  In addition to purchasing electric, the Board of Public Utilities is charged by National Grid to transmit the energy purchased for our customers use from its source to Salamanca.  All the above costs are what make up your monthly PPA charges shown on your electric invoice.

Why do PPA costs vary month to month: In 2014 the PPA charges have ranged for a low of $0.005868 (less than 1 cent) per kWh to a high of $0.063527 (slightly more than 6 cents) per kWh.   A majority of BPU residential electric customers heat at least a portion of their homes with some type of electric resistance heating.  Due to this large electric heating load, the BPU purchases almost twice as much electric during the colder winter months than we purchase during the summer months.   As mentioned earlier, the BPU is allotted a set amount of low cost hydroelectric power purchased thru NYPA.  Once the BPUs customers exceed the monthly allotment of low cost power, we have no alternative but to purchase more costly electric thru NYMPA.  The higher PPA charges in the winter months reflect the BPUs need to purchase more expensive power thru NYMPA.

Seneca Allegany Casino purchases of electric: The Seneca Allegany Casino purchases all their electric from the Salamanca Board of Public Utilities.  There have been persistent rumors that purchases of electric by the Seneca Allegany Casino have caused electric rates to rise for all Customers.  This rumor is false.  As mentioned above, the Board of Pubic Utilities purchases low cost hydroelectric from the New York Power Authority and higher cost electric from the New York Municipal Power Agency.  Once our customers exceed our monthly allotment of low cost hydroelectric, we purchase the remainder of our customers electric needs from NYMPA each and every month.  When electric utility invoices are calculated each and every month, the invoice for the electric consumption at the Seneca Allegany Casino is calculated using the highest cost of energy purchased.  In essence, the Seneca Allegany Casino purchases all their energy requirements at the highest cost of electric purchased.  This method of calculating the electric utility invoices for the Seneca Allegany Casino allows all other BPU electric rate payers to enjoy the lowest possible electric rates.

Cost of Electric to residential customers: The highest electric charge for BPU residential electric customers in 2014 occurred with utility invoices our customers received in March.  At that time, the total cost of residential electric service was more than 8 cents ($0.08) per kilowatt-hour of electric purchased from the Salamanca Board of Public Utilities.  The lowest cost of electric purchased from the BPU in 2014 occurred with utility invoices our customers received in September.  At that time, the total cost of residential electric service was less than 3 cents ($0.03) per kilowatt-hour of electric purchased from the BPU.  Overall in 2104 residential electric costs have averaged slightly less than 4.8 cents ($0.048) per kilowatt-hour.  Listed below is the cost of a monthly residential electric utility invoice for a customer of National Grid as listed in the New York State Public Service Commission Web Site (January 2013).

National Grid Residential

Amount of Kilowatt-hours Purchased 250 750 1,500 3,000
Total Electric Charge $43.81 $97.30 $177.53 $337.99
Cost per Kilowatt-hour


(18 cents)


(13 cents)


(12 cents)


(11 cents)


Central Office Info

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday:          7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Phone: (716) 945-3130

Fax; (716) 945-3490

E-Mail: bpuinfo@salmun.com

Pay your utility bill online by clicking here (*Fees Apply)



After Hours Emergency:

Phone: (716) 559-1195

For emergency's with water, sewer, and electric services.

When calling this number please be patient, your call will be answered.


Water Quality Report

The purpose of this 2020 report is to raise your understanding of drinking water and the awareness of the need to protect our drinking water sources.  Click here to view the report.



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